* Do you live elsewhere? Every state has different laws, please contact me for specific directions on obtaining a license in your state. 

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How do I get a marrige license?

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Before you hire someone, please verify that they have the proper authorization for the state you are getting married.

Virginia has very strict laws about about who is allowed to perform a ceremony.  I have been sworn in by the state and the Circuit Court since 2012.

Virginia Marriage Licenses:

  • Marriage Licenses are issued by the Clerk of the Circuit Court in each county. 
  • Both parties must appear before the Clerk to obtain a license, there are no residency requirements.
  • Must be 18 years or older, and have a valid picture ID.
  • There is no waiting period from the date of issuance, and it is only good for 60 days.
  • A $30 fee must be paid by cash, local check or credit card.
  • No other documentation is required.
  • The license can be from any county, and can be used in any county.